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Something about my family name: FERRALIS     Italiano
Some time ago, I had the idea of investigating the origin of my family name, and to try and rebuild my family tree. Ferralis is not a very common last name compared, say, to "Smith". I decided to collect all the information I have in this page.

Mio bisnonno: Francesco Ferralis
Francesco Ferralis

The common root of last names like Ferralis, Ferraro, Ferraris, Ferrari, Ferrau derives, according to recent research, from a Norman knight called Firraones, that later became known as "Ferrari of Cosenza": it could be an entirely coincidental occurrence; however, a several people with these names have nord-european somatic features, such as being of tall stature and often having very light hair and skin.

The "Ferralis" people, in particular the ones I met in Sardinia, confirm this rule. Sardinia is an island where somatic traits are usually preserved for centuries. For this reason, such features I mentioned above may stand out and be more "visible".

The first person named "Ferralis" I found is (!) Nicola Antonio Ferralis, son of Giuseppe Ferraro and Marta Celano, born July 10th 1783 in Casteluccio Inferiore (Potenza, South Italy). The original acts are hand-written in Latin. This inconsistency the name Ferraro of the father and Ferralis of the son may be due to a transcription mistake. This is not surprising, since the original acts are hand-written in Latin. Thus, it is most likely that "Ferralis" may exist because of a simple mistake...

We know more about Nicola Antonio Ferralis. In addition to the certificate of Baptism, we also have his certificate of marriage with Maria Imbeni, celebrated in Cuglieri (OR, Sardinia) August 22nd, 1813. It is unknown why he moved from South Italy to Sardinia. We also ignore his job and social status. We can only speculate that because of the extremely poor conditions of the population in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (basically South Italy, we know today) at the beginning of the XIX century, Nicola Antonio was forced to look for a better life somewhere else. It is also possible that he was persecuted.

From the marriage with Mary Imbeni Fara, they had two sons and two daughters, Antonio Giuseppe, Vincenzo Antonio, Giuseppe and Carmela Domenica. Antonio Giuseppe (about 1813), married with Maria Antonia Campus had 6 children: Nicolo’, Angelo, Michele, Giovanni, Maria Imbenia, Nicolina. Michele (about 1850) married ........... had at least 4 children: Francesco, Pasqualino, Antonietta and Filippa. Francesco (1880) married with Giovanna Serra, had 10 children: Antonio, Antioco, Filippo Pasqualino, Salvatore, Aurora, Catrina, Michelina, Maria and Giuseppina

I recently found a branch of Ferralis family in San Francisco, CA. Giovanni P. Ferralis moved from Oliena, Sardinia to Rome and then to San Francisco, in 1921. From the US Census we know he was working in a restaurant in
S. Francisco. He later changed his name to John, he
married Giulia (also born in Italy). They had a son, Louis
and Albertina, who I had the pleasure to meet. She is first generation American. I cannot really prove we are related,
it is possible his father Antonio Pasquale could be Michele's brother or cousin.

Mio nonno: Antioco.
I can only sketch a family tree of the part of the family (starting from Nicola Antonio) I have immediate information, passed on to me from my relatives.
Mio padre: Pasqualino

Nicola Antonio (about 1783) married with   
Maria Imbenia Fara:

* sons: Antonio Giuseppe, Vincenzo Antonio.
* daughters: Giuseppa, Domenica Carmela.

 Antonio Giuseppe (about 1813) married with   
Maria Antonia Campus.
* sons: Nicolo’, Angelo, Michele, Giovanni.
* daughters: Maria Imbenia, Nicolina.

 Michele (about 1850) married with.

* sons: Francesco, Pasqualino,...
* daughters: Antonietta, Filippa,..

 Francesco(1880-1947) married with
Giovanna Serra (1888-1968)
* sons: Antonio, Antioco, Filippo, Pasqualino,
* daughters: Aurora, Michelina, Maria,
     Caterina, Giuseppina.

 Antioco (1915-1979), married with
Felicita Dettori (1925-2005), 
* sons: Pasqualino, Costantino, Giovanni Paolo,
     Giovan Battista.
* daughters: Anna.


Pasqualino (1943) married with  Luigina Furlan  (1953).
* sons: Nicola (me)(1974). married with  Luisa Varisco
** sons: Angelo Alberto (2010), Stella Rosa (2014)
Matteo Martin (2017)

Anna (1945). married with Angelo Diez.
* sons: Marcello (1967) married with Letizia.
* Massimo (1969) married with Costanza.
* Dario (1972) married with Wilma.

(1947). married with Nina Spanedda.
* sons: Nico (1973).
   ** sons: Maria Talia (2000), Paolo (2001), Marco (2005).
* Talia (1976).
* Gianuario Marco (1980).

Giovanni Paolo
(1950-2007). married with Elena Simula.
* Mirko (1973) married with Maria Paola Porcu.
   ** sons: Enrico (2000), Sara (2006).
* Masha (1974)
* Davide (1978) married With Caterina Carta Mantiglia.
**sons: Gianpaolo (2021)

Giovanni Battista (1953). married with Maria Antonietta Sardu.
* daughters: Marzia and Ilaria

Here there are some words about my father: he was born in Pozzomaggiore (Sassari, Sardinia) in 1943; he moved in Padova in 1960, where he met my mother eleven years later. From their marriage I was born in Padova in 1974.
Actually, all my father's relatives live in Sardinia.


In conclusion I would like to thank everybody that help me in my research. This work is always in progress. I am always looking for clues and bits of information about the Ferralis name, so if you have further information, please contact me to improve and enrich this page.

                     Albero Genealogico

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