Our Grandparents' 50th Anniversary.
Bianca and Mario Furlan
And remembering, the most beautiful things happened
in the 50 years of marriage.

Bianca Francesconi.

..Once upon a time
there  was.. yes, always
fairy tales begin  like that.
But  this  isn’t a fairy  tale,
it's  a  love story between
Bianca and  Mario, who  
will become our  marvelous

Mario Furlan.



  April 16, 1952 
Our Wedding Day. 

This is one of the
wedding picture
 that   we  are 
succeed to find.

Bianca  e Mario

Mia mamma: Luigina.

Here she is, the  
first daughter Luigina.
Then arrived  the   seccond

My aunt: Lorenza.



September 10, 1973 
Luigina & Pasqualino
get  married.

Mamma & papÓ il giorno del loro matrimonio.

Dear Bianca  and  Mario,
Thank you so  much,
to let me be part of
your  family and to be
always considered
like a son. 

Luigina & Pasqualino

Now it's my turn of
Nicola,  the   first 
Another big joy for
 our  grandparents.




Luigina & Nicola


April 16, 1977
25░ anniversary
  of marriage..

My grandparents' 25░ anniversary.

 ..and  we  are  at 
 the silver  wedding.

25░ Grandparents

...of course,  we  have done  
a big party with all  family
and relatives.
25░ Grandparents
The same year   
Lorenza & Walter 
get marrie

My aunt and uncle.

..I don't know why,
but I always called  them...
 "chicco and chicca"

Lorenza & Walter

My cousins: Stefano and...

Here they are
 Stefano  and  Fabio:
with three grandchildren
our   grandparents   are
very  happy.




The 2000 year, even
for our gradparents 
 has been a fabulous
year: Nicola's
graduation and...

Me with my grandparents.

....then  Luisa  arrived 
in our family and  after
three grandchildren
they  have  also  a
granddaughter .
You can imagine 
the grandparents'

Nicola & Grandparents

Luisa and me.

Luisa and Nicola,
 at our  wedding
  day party.

Luisa and me with our grandparents.

Luisa & Nicola

Luisa & Nicola with the Grandparents

Thank you 
to the beautiful 

Our grandparents 50░ anniversary.

      Our grandparents 50░ anniversary.

During the church cerimony.

During the church cerimoy..

Our grandparents with all family.

 With all family.

Francesconi Day 2007

Francesconi Day

Almost all Francesconi family 2007

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